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Advanced Techniques

A Quick Warning…

At this point, you have learned all the basic Sudoku concepts. And while understanding them is certainly no easy task, you have probably realized by now that finding them in puzzles can be even harder.

In order to avoid "information overload", I'd like to recommend that you stop here and go out and practice what you have learned so far.

I have two reasons for this:

  1. You are currently armed with enough knowledge to solve 95% or more of the Sudoku puzzles currently published in newspapers, books, and magazines
  2. The more advanced techniques that follow are only required to solve very high level, intense puzzles
If you have already practiced and conquered all of the techniques up til now, or you're simply too enthralled in this to heed my warning, then by all means read on! Some of the most exciting logic is yet to come…

Please check out our app, Sudoklue, which teaches all of these techniques!

Topics in this section:


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