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Extremely advanced techniques

There are a few more techniques that I do not plan to go over. They are just too complicated, too hard to spot, and/or too rare to bother mentioning, quite frankly!

What I mean is, they are just beyond the scope of what I want this website to be. They are not techniques that I use myself. They were thought up by geniuses, and in my opinion, should only be used by geniuses.

If I get enough requests, perhaps I'll study up and add a few in the future, but for now let me just say that what I have covered so far should arm you with enough knowledge to solve any Sudoku you can find in all the world's newspapers, books, and magazines!

In fact, if you can find a Sudoku printed somewhere that you cannot solve using the techniques I describe in this website, please send it to me, along with a description of where you found it.

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