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Sudoku Variants

Over the years, many Sudoku variants have popped up. Some of them quite interesting indeed!

One of my favorite variations is Sudoku for kids, which is just a simpler version that is a 6x6 grid instead of 9x9. The inner blocks are 3x2. My own kids enjoy playing this game very much.

Other variants include:

Super Sudoku / Sudoku 16x16 / Monster Sudoku
Same game with a larger grid

Samurai Sudoku
Five overlapping Sudoku puzzles

Magic Sudoku
Has additional regions

More closely related to crossword puzzles

Killer Sudoku
A cross between Sudoku and Kakuro

Jigsaw Sudoku
Inner blocks are random jigsaw shapes instead of squares

Initial puzzle must be filled in with clues like a crossword puzzle

Word Sudoku
Place words into a Sudoku grid and avoid duplicate letters

Sudoku 6x6
Another name for "Sudoku for Kids"

This site will focus on the original, 9x9 version of Sudoku. At least for now…


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